Can You Say Analysis for the People, By the People?

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June 1st saw me make two promises to all of you. First, that I would weigh in on Project Indiana. That came a week later. Second, that I would have some reactions to the forthcoming GPLv3, which was coming down the home stretch. That entry, however, never arrived.

Occam’s razor might compel one to assume that the reason was laziness on my part, or if you were in a more charitable mood, overwork. Neither, however, was the case. I’d ceased all of my efforts in this regard for the simple reason that someone eminently more qualified was on the case.

That person is none other than Luis Villa, of Berkman/Columbia Law School/GNOME/Novell/Ximian/take your pick fame, and currently interning at Red Hat for the summer. Once I learned in #redmonk that he would be cranking out an entry on the forthcoming update to open source’s most popular license, I gladly ceded the floor.

His first entry in the series – done in a very accessible Q&A style, no less, can be found here. Enjoy.