How Timely: EnterpriseDB on RedMonk Radio

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Back a couple of weeks ago when we originally scheduled EnterpriseDB’s Andy Astor for an appearance on RedMonk Radio, we couldn’t know that the firm would become a central, even polarizing, figure in an ongoing debate regarding the definition of open source. We wanted to explore those questions, yes, but we couldn’t have timed it better given the debate the past week or two.

In today’s podcast, we ask Andy to explore the basics of EnterpriseDB’s business model and relationship with the Postgres community, as well as whether or not it would hurt EnterpriseDB if they were prevented from using open source in their marketing. Of course, we also inquired as to whether or not EnterpriseDB thought they were an open source company. Other subjects included what EnterpriseDB’s definition of a CPU was for its pricing (important given Oracle’s recent pricing change), whether or not it was possible that some of the currently proprietary code would become open source, and more.

Reasonable minds may, of course, disagree on the definitions and opinions, but I think it’s interesting to explore the questions with one of the firms on the front lines of the debate.

The MP3 is here, and Cote’s writeup with subscription info is here. Thanks to Andy for stopping by, and hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: EnterpriseDB is a RedMonk customer.