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You know those FYI emails you get CC’d on at work which are mostly if not entirely irrelevant to you? This is the blog equivalent. Just an FYI.

The Hotel Marlowe is Pet Friendly

I’m surprised I hadn’t realized this already, but the Hotel Marlowe – my default choice while staying in Boston – is apparently pet friendly. I spoke with a technology recruiter at the bar yesterday who stays here regularly with his wife and their four – count ’em, four – dogs. Too bad Az is such a poor traveler; it’d be great to be able to bring her with me on roadtrips.

Vacation Next Week

I’ve gotten a couple of emails about this, but just for the record I’m only on vacation Monday of next week – I’ll be in the office Tuesday through Thursday. Very pleased that people are reading the blog for availability reasons, and apologize for the lack of clarity.

Google Reader Numbers

As many folks have been discussing, the folks from Google began publishing their actual subscriber numbers for Google Reader and the Personalized Homepage yesterday. This is interesting because I’d always wondered how many folks had migrated over to the platform, as I had, but had no real way of knowing. Now I do. The result? Google’s is the most popular reader for this space, leading Bloglines 511 to 431 out of a total of 2008 subscribers.

Speaking of Subscriber Numbers

According to Feedburner, I’ve only just started to recover from a downward trend that coincided with the holidays. I was checking in regularly in early December with 1600+ subscribers, but January saw the averages dip into the 1400 range and stay there until a week or two ago. Interestingly, over the same approximate timeframe pageviews were up by around 200 or 300 per day. I don’t really have any explanation for these trends.

The 21st Amendment in Beacon Hill

Serves not only Darn ‘N Stormies, but High Life as well. And no, they don’t mix particularly well.

Changed the Header Graphic

In honor not only of my visit to Boston, but the fact that today is the official start to the baseball season, with pitchers and catchers reporting to camp, I’ve changed the header graphic. I’ve missed you, baseball. So glad you’re back.