Houston, We Have a Problem

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Woke up an hour ago and tried to boot up bishop, my X60s running Ubuntu and was presented with this message:

Target filesystem doesn’t have sbin/init

BusyBox v.1.1.3

/bin/sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off


According to the threads I’ve turned up thus far, there’s no obvious cause for this issue, which is bad enough. Worse, there doesn’t appear to be a simple, easy fix. So at the moment, I’ve got one machine burning me a new copy of Knoppix so that I can get in and see what’s going on, and I’m contemplating the application of an emergency instance of Ubuntu on top of the new workstation so that I have a potential target for my most recent desktop backup (which is less than a week old).

Not really how I wanted to start my Friday.


  1. […] Tough day here on the technology front. Late last night into early morning, Maccius – our Zimbra host – was offline. After an earlier than expected wakeup (paw in the eye), bishop booted into something called BusyBox. Midday the Windows box cut out in the middle of an MF Doom track, with Windows suddenly unable to find the external drive that serves as the primary home for my music collection. Meanwhile, Easy CD Creator told me on two occasions that it had successfully burned a Knoppix Live CD, when in actuality it had produced two very shiny coasters. An hour after that, I locked up the new workstation, drake, by screwing around with the boot order. At least give me credit for this: I’ve stayed away from hicks all day. […]

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