To Answer the Question Many Have Asked

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Yes, I’ve seen the news. No, not the Todd Helton rumors – which would surprise (and displease) me if they came to fruition – the PDF news. The Adobe folks were kind enough to give us a heads up on it last week, and I’m very pleased that my colleague – along with two other folks I know and have a lot of respect for, Bob and Gary – had a positive impact on the decision itself.

As kind as he is to give credit to external parties, however, I think Duane’s unfairly modest in declining to take any of it for himself. Having been party to the conversation at JavaOne that he mentions a few years back – and many since – I can say honestly that he’s not only a brilliant guy, he’s a staunch advocate of open standards. While I don’t have a good read on the precise machinations required to make this happen, I’d be surprised if we’d be having this conversation were it not for Duane.

And yes, I’ll have a Q&A on the subject, probably tomorrow.

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