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A Quick Look at Recent Adobe OpenSource Contributions

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Adobe list 245 projects on their main github page, but as is often the case with company pages on github, this headline number is somewhat misleading. For the purposes of this analysis we are narrowing our focus to projects with the following criteria

  • Over 1000 stars on github
  • At least one commit in 2016, excluding items such as gitter badges

Using these criteria, we arrived at the following list of projects:

All of these projects are popular, and in our analysis we saw that Adobe make the most substantial contributions to each of them.




Now it is important that we make clear that involvement in, contribution too and behaviour around opensource software is definitely not the only way to engage with developers. It is, however, becoming by far one of the most important way of engaging with developers, and how a company works with opensource projects and communities is noted.

Notes on this analysis

For the purposes of this analysis we have looked at the ‘wrapper’ PhoneGap repo on github and some associated projects which have over 1000 github stars. This does not accurately reflect all of the projects in this area, and we will be providing some further analysis on PhoneGap in the future.

One of the most popular opensource projects from Adobe has been topcoat. We excluded TopCoat from our analysis as it has only had one commit in 2016 to add a gitter badge. We also excluded Thesus, a javascript debugger for Brackets.

Disclaimers: Adobe are a current RedMonk client

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