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Company Roundup from DockerCon

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During DockerCon I got to spend time with a number of companies discussing their latest product offerings and strategy among other things. As a quick run through I spoke with the following companies, loosely grouped by category



 Code, Workflows & Deployment



 Large Vendors

I also had some background conversations with Weaveworks, Cloudsoft, Google and Giant Swarm.

The stand out product for me, and definitely for quite a few people I spoke with, was sysdig.

We at RedMonk had gotten a briefing from sysdig a few weeks back, and I wanted to get a further update on their announcements from Kubecon, and dig a little further into their demo. Building on top of the sysdig project, the sysdig cloud offers the ability to visualize services at a high level and drill down through multiple layers to see what is occurring in individual containers both in realtime and historically. The integration with Kubernetes was especially interesting to see in action.

For developers another notable product release is dvol from ClusterHQ, a tool for doing version control on development databases by taking snapshots of Docker volumes. It is very early days (version 0.1), but worth a look.

Disclosures: CloudBees, Bitnami, IBM and CloudSoft are RedMonk clients. I have previously worked at Weaveworks.

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