Hark – Episode 7, “What the Monks Have Learned”

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A podcast by RedMonk
Portland, ME, United States

If you ever wondered why RedMonk started blogging, how we didn’t do numbers but now do numbers, the company’s policy on family versus work, where our policies on disclosure came from, why RedMonk would have imploded if weren’t a distributed team or were just curious what James’ opinion of Wittgenstein was, this is the podcast for you. To commemorate our 14th birthday, which is 24 hours from when this podcast will be published, my RedMonk co-founder James Governor joins me to discuss what we’ve learned.

Stephen O’Grady, RedMonk

James Governor, RedMonk

Podcast Information:
Available on Google Play, iTunes, Pocketcasts and Stitcher. Visit on Soundcloud by going to hark.tech.

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