Oh, and About Your Email

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The Bane of My Existence

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I’m in full agreement with Isabel that email is not, in fact, a “killer app.” But that doesn’t mean that it can’t kill. It’s definitely out for my blood, make no mistake.

So when I said I was taking the week off, that meant I was taking the week off from email. Especially from email.

Unsurprisingly, the world hasn’t ground to a halt in my absence, but I’ll get to mail first thing tomorrow morning. Voicemail too.

Two important notes in the meantime.

First, if you’re waiting on a response to a particular urgent or time sensitive missive, please do not email me about it – that’s about as humane as the “Let’s use this knife to pry it out!” strategy from Talladega Nights. Instead, drop me an IM (ID’s here) or give me a ring (866.RED.MONK).

Second, in glancing over the queued messages, it appears as if a fair number of them are scheduling requests for OSCON. I’ll get to those as I’m able, but I’ve also got something new for you to try here: my free/busy calendar.

Alex finally broke down under my relentless pestering and threw me an invite to the not-yet-public service, so there are likely to be quirks and occasional downtime, but it should dramatically help with scheduling as my calendar fills up. I’m going to populate it tomorrow morning with OSCON sessions, and following that it’ll be first come, first served.

Help me help you. Or something.


  1. Email is not a killer app these days, but it sure was in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

  2. The whole business with scheduling for something like OSCON is something that I’ve never really figured out. The manual way can be really painful but there’s so much “squishiness” to things that I’m not sure calendars totally work either. (I’d like to go to this session but if it’s a meeting I want to take badly enough I’ll forgo it but not otherwise, and if it’s really a priority meeting I’ll move this other thing, etc.)

  3. Have you seen Jeff Barr’s trip planning wiki? (http://evangelists.wetpaint.com/) He goes beyond free/busy to what he’s doing at any given hour – and lets people add themselves to the schedule. It’s a little more emergent than I would be comfortable with, but he says he’s been very happy with it.

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