What is RedMonk Analytics?

RedMonk Analytics is the first and only developer intelligence tool, a subscription SaaS product focused on delivering you quantitative information on developer trends and demographics.

RedMonk’s business model has always included the creation of free content to developers, because they are and always have been the lifeblood of the firm. Years ago, we began to identify patterns and trends from the consumption of that content via web analytics. Watching the way that developers interacted with the content, on the site or off, through search engines or third party services like Twitter, we learned more about what developers wanted and who they were. With the launch of RedMonk Analytics, we’ll be sharing that knowledge with you for the first time.

RedMonk Analytics is a subscription based service that consumes both RedMonk generated data as well as streams from third party sources, analyzes it, and reports back to users with simple to understand charts and graphs on developer trends and behaviors. Current RedMonk clients: please note that access is not included in your standard subscription. It is available to you, however, at a discounted rate. Contact us for details.

Still curious? For more on RedMonk Analytics, read our post introducing the product, and a second describing its architecture.

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