Demo with Austin Radiological Association – Overview and use of AccelOps integrated data center and cloud service monitoring platform from an end user perspective

Demo of using AccelOps, short version. TV Michael Cote, Industry Analyst Demo with Austin Radiological Association Overview and use of AccelOps integrated data center and cloud service monitoring platform from an end user perspective. Sponsored by AccelOps:

Zenoss Open Source Survey Overview

RedMonk client Zenoss recently did a couple surveys over its user base asking about open source, virtualization, and cloud computing use. Zenoss’ Mark Hinkle and I go over the results of that survey in this brief video, with plenty of the charts and graphs to follow.The results were interesting, and in my experience have been matching up with both anecdotal data and other surveys I’ve been looking at. The adoption of open source in IT Management seems to have gone more mainstream than not; virtualization seems to be VMWare, Hyper-V, and then Xen or KVM; and while lower costs drive rabid interest in using cloud, most prospective users are still concerned about security and other fundamentals.In addition to the video, for more info check out Zenoss' report on the virtualization and cloud aspects of the survey as well as their info-graphic and summary of the open source usage survey.Disclosure: Zenoss is a client and sponsored this video. VMWare and Microsoft are clients as well.

Liferay, portals, & social product marketing

The demand for closer engagement with customers and users is driving companies to use portals in new and interesting ways. Throw in all of the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, crossed with sales & marketing automation practices and technologies, and the opportunities for companies to use the web as one of their main “store fronts” are huge.In this interview with Liferay’s Paul Hinz, we talk about this use of portals, of course, involving Liferay. He spends some time talking about social product marketing, but also goes over the “good, old fashioned” portal features in the most recent Liferay offering.Also, I wrote up more on Liferay right after their West Coast Symposium, where this video was shot.Disclosure: Liferay is a client, and sponsored this video.

Tivoli Live Update with Phil Fritz

Before having a few beers at the local pub simulucrum, IBM’s Phil Fritz tells us what’s been happing with Tivoli Live, the IT Management as SaaS offering IBM put out earlier at the end of last year.Phil and I last spoke with him when Tivoli Live first came out – with an interview and demo – so it was nice to grab him for a quick update on features, customers, and the way people are using Tivoli Live. Of note, there’s an interesting group of customers who’re providing their own SaaSes that are looking towards IT Management tools that are SaaSes as well.Disclosure: IBM is a client, but this video is not a sponsored video.

IT Management Architectures – make all #11

Ever wonder how an IT Management system is architected and designed? Then this is the make all episode for you! I talk with one of my old friends, Chip Holden who’s been an architect for such system for about the last 10 years, first at BMC Software where we both worked and now at Zenoss.Disclosure: while Zenoss is a client, this is not a sponsored episode.

MindQuilt enterprise knowledge management and Q&A platform, now with Google Apps Integration

RedMonk client MindQuilt added in Google Apps integration today, providing a good opportunity to sit down with their CEO, Daniel Kim, and talk about MindQuilt in general. MindQuilt is a SaaS-hosted services where users can enter in questions and others can come and answer them. There’s the gaming dynamic, auto-matching, and other automation of connecting people together you’d expect from an Enterprise 2.0 product. If you’re familiar with question and answer services like Quora 0r Stackoverflow, think of that applied to private, corporate use. As an Enterprise 2.0 application, the service is focused on productivity and work-use, not the “hanging out” that you’d expect from consumer Q&A systems. Check out their quick "what is MindQuilt video" and their Enteprise 2.0 Laundpad presentation with plenty of demo. Disclosure: MindQuilt is a RedMonk client and sponsored this video.

Making apps, not just applications – WaveMaker is the saddle to the cloud

I often talk about the concept of developing “apps” versus full-blown “applications.” The idea is that the current mobile space has shown the efficiency of having smaller applications that narrow down to just one feature, or workflow. That doesn’t apply across the board, but it does contrast with more traditional application development that tends to want to do more rather than less.While I was visiting with RedMonk client WaveMaker last week, their CEO, Chris Keene, and I discussed this concept and how WaveMaker is seeing it play out in their user-base.As you may recall, we talked with Chris back in 2008 in RIA Weekly episode #11.Disclosure: WaveMaker is a client and sponsored this video.