MindQuilt enterprise knowledge management and Q&A platform, now with Google Apps Integration

RedMonk client MindQuilt added in Google Apps integration today, providing a good opportunity to sit down with their CEO, Daniel Kim, and talk about MindQuilt in general. MindQuilt is a SaaS-hosted services where users can enter in questions and others can come and answer them. There’s the gaming dynamic, auto-matching, and other automation of connecting people together you’d expect from an Enterprise 2.0 product. If you’re familiar with question and answer services like Quora 0r Stackoverflow, think of that applied to private, corporate use. As an Enterprise 2.0 application, the service is focused on productivity and work-use, not the “hanging out” that you’d expect from consumer Q&A systems. Check out their quick "what is MindQuilt video" and their Enteprise 2.0 Laundpad presentation with plenty of demo. Disclosure: MindQuilt is a RedMonk client and sponsored this video.

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