Zenoss Open Source Survey Overview

RedMonk client Zenoss recently did a couple surveys over its user base asking about open source, virtualization, and cloud computing use. Zenoss’ Mark Hinkle and I go over the results of that survey in this brief video, with plenty of the charts and graphs to follow.The results were interesting, and in my experience have been matching up with both anecdotal data and other surveys I’ve been looking at. The adoption of open source in IT Management seems to have gone more mainstream than not; virtualization seems to be VMWare, Hyper-V, and then Xen or KVM; and while lower costs drive rabid interest in using cloud, most prospective users are still concerned about security and other fundamentals.In addition to the video, for more info check out Zenoss' report on the virtualization and cloud aspects of the survey as well as their info-graphic and summary of the open source usage survey.Disclosure: Zenoss is a client and sponsored this video. VMWare and Microsoft are clients as well.

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