Lighting Out for the Territories

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Months ago when scheduling my annual block of August vacation time, I made the curious decision to split up my three weeks with a work week in the middle. There was some rationale for this, I’m fairly sure, but I can no longer remember what it was and frankly don’t care: if I could go back in time to punch myself for this stupidity, I would.

At any rate, after an idyllic time last week in one of my favorite places in the world up north with the family and our new giant, inflatable unicorn friend, my work week is now concluded which means that it’s time for my vacation to resume. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that this is the portion of my vacation most likely to result in a physical injury to my person, as I’ll be spending the time working on, around, and potentially on top of our house (don’t mentiobn that last part to Kate, please). This is the portion of the vacation that leads coworkers to request hazmat suits and eye protection, friends to send me large packages of bandaids and my wife to establish draconian rules on both approved tasks and required protection equipment to complete them.

As for work, I’m pretty sure that everyone who is waiting on a response for me has it, but I’m entirely sure that a lack of a response while I’m out is not likely to result in anyone dying or even being slightly maimed. So don’t look for me on email, Slack or similar: I’ll be busy pulling doors off hinges or holding a rented belt sander to the side of our house. Unfortunately for you, however, I probably will be on Twitter posting pictures of embarassingly amateur home improvement efforts.

As always, I apologize in advance for whatever happens while I’m out. Large and frequently bad things tend to happen in markets, global climate and geopolitical spheres when I’m away from my desk. I have declined to inform Poseidon of which day I’m planning to take a day off from poorly imitating a contractor to make my annual pilgrimmage up to the waterfall this summer, so all of you in Maine can probably look forward to at least one nice day out of the next stretch.

With that, I’m off to go set my vacation autoresponder. Be excellent to each other while I’m out, and I’ll see you all in September.

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