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Almost Home

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While it was an absurd September travel schedule that initially prevented my return to Denver, the Red Sox are the real reason I’m still in Maine as of today.

But tomorrow is my last morning here. Well, at least until Thanksgiving.

As soon as I load up the car, I’ll be off for my erstwhile home town. Best case has me in Denver at some unholy hour on Wednesday, but it’s more likely that I’ll roll back in midday-ish on Thursday. Assuming I’m not impounded again and nothing worse that that happens en route, of course. Had to add that caveat as I saw Little Miss Sunshine for the first time last night (recommended).

Anyhow, my availability is likely to be extremely limited over the next few days, so if you have something that requires immediate attention, I suggestion checking in with one of my colleagues. I’ll be Twittering en route, as usual,

Otherwise, wish me luck. The Drive awaits.

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