Upcoming RedMonk Evening “Services”

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While the term “monk” might conjure up impressions of strangely tonsured and bearded ascetics that have taken vows of silence, we do things a bit differently around here. Our particular sect is actually quite social, fond as we are of meetups and that most excellent friend of meetups, beer. Our evening services, I think you’ll find, are a departure from most of our monastic brethren.

Though last week’s Boston meetup netted only a small audience – turns out people want more than a couple of hours warning, go figure – we’re confident that with weeks to plan, our devoted acolytes will be well pleased to join us for a libation or three.

RedMonk Evening Service – NYC (Tuesday, September 4th)

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Upcoming Link / Add To Calendar: Following a work dinner I must attend, I’ll be meeting any and all interested NYC area parties at a venue TBD the Stoned Crowe for beers and, presumably, conversation. I’ve got my own venue preference, down in the West Village, but will need to confer with potential attendees such as Friend of RedMonk Luis Villa to determine whether or not that’s suitably convenient. Suggestions and preferences, as always, are welcome. I’ve conferred with the necessary folks, and we’ve got consensus approval for the Stoned Crowe. It’s an old favorite from my time in NYC, an NYU pool bar run by an elderly lady named Betty whose outfits are…interesting. Even better, it’s a block off the Christopher St stop on the #1 Line, so it should be good for those of you coming from the subway. I considered the White Horse – a regular haunt of Lou Reed and Frank McCourt in their day – but it’s been absurdly jammed the last few times I’ve been.

RedMonk Evening Service – San Francisco (Thursday, September 6th)

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Upcoming Link / Add to Calendar: Assuming that I emerge from our Tuesday services unscathed, I invite all available Bay Area technologists to join me at the House of Shields around 8ish. Interest in this event is already peaking, as our new favorite PR rep (Sox fan) has promised to be there with colleagues a full hour early to warm up for the event. It will be, obviously, the event of the season. Plus, you’ll be fresh off Labor Day vacation – what else is there to do?


  1. Great idea; bad date for the NYC one πŸ™ I’ll be in Europe… recommend Brass Monkey if you’re looking for other bar suggestions.

  2. West Village works for me, typically. The closer to the 1 line the better, really, past that I’m not picky πŸ˜‰

  3. I might actually be able to make SF.

  4. Steve,

    Next time you’re in Westchester feel free to meet me at my own “House of Shields.”

    I’ll take care of the beer, and you can see my three machines running Ubuntu.

  5. I’m doing my panel at Office 2.0 towards the end of the day Thursday, so I’m sure I’ll be ready for an “offsite”. See you there – sounds great!

  6. […] then dropped by the House of Shields for RedMonk Evening Services, courtesy of Steve.  This was a cool, small get together – focus on quality not […]

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