Banned from My Own Site

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If you don’t hear from me this afternoon, it’s because 1and1 seems to have blacklisted my IP at the home office from my own site. Why that might be is open to question; the only thing I can think of is that they didn’t like it when I tried to fetch our Apache logfiles via wget. A couple of hours ago, I upgraded my Splunk install and I was going to have it parse our web logs to get an idea of what it can do, so I SSH’d into my local server, then tried to pull the log files down remotely. A couple of minutes later, I found myself unable to log into the site via FTP and couldn’t resolve it in the browser using any of our various URLs.

At first, I thought this was a general problem and so I restarted Apache, but after pinging a couple of folks it would seem that the problem is local to my network, because no one else is having trouble hitting the site (and I can actually still ping it). Hence my assumption that 1and1’s blacklisted me – an assumption that is validated by the fact that I’m able to log into the site just fine, on the same hardware, from a coffee shop network.

If anybody has any tips for either forcing Comcast to issue me a new IP (release/renew didn’t do it, and neither did a restart of the modem & router), unblacklisting my IP with 1and1, or alternate theories as to what may be causing this, I’d love to hear them. Otherwise, look for me to come back when I get this figured out. Or when I make it back to a coffee shop.


  1. Can you alter the MAC address on your router? That should get you a new IP… although could cause other “issues”… maybe set it back later…

  2. thx for the tip, Mike. fortunately it didn’t come to that, as the ban seems to have been only temporary. i now have access again.

  3. I had this same problem with 1and1. I can ping my own server but no other services work. Everyone else can access the server fine. I also thought perhaps they had blacklisted my IP.

    I find also that the problem is temporary but keeps reoccurring. Did you ever find it occur again? I find rebooting my Airport Extreme base station fixes the problem – but after a few hours it happens again.

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