This Week’s Travel, Next Week’s Vacation: NYC, SFO, etc

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Foggy San Francisco

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One more business travel trip, and then I’m done for the rest of the summer. Which is a definite good news / bad news thing. Good news because the travel is my least favorite part of the job. The bad news? That it signals the imminent arrival of the end of yet another summer. Which is a massive bummer.

Anyway, the details for the interested.

Wednesday: headed down to the Boston area afternoon-ish, but am unlikely to actually be in town.

Thursday: Acela is winging me down to Penn Station with a mid afternoon arrival slot. Thursday evening is pretty much completely booked.

Friday: Friday morning is still somewhat open (depending on how late I’m out Thursday) but lunch is booked. Friday afternoon, I’m hopping a JetBlue flight out of JFK to Oakland.

Saturday: will see me speaking on open source and business models at the San Francisco edition of WordCamp. Come say hi if you’re there, and cheer wildly for me either way. Saturday evening is booked as I’ll have company.

Sunday: on an early afternoon flight back to Boston. Post-touchdown, I’ll be on a much needed (if not deserved) two week vacation. Which could feature visits to [YOUR TOWN], which I’ll obviously keep you posted on.

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  1. If you end up in Huntsville, Alabama, I guess we’re gonna get riotously drunk. Let me know so I can tell my local pub to have an extra keg of Smithwick’s on hand, eh? 😉

    Would love to see you and the others at WordCamp, man. Maybe we’ll both be in Denver at the same time this fall, although the one time I’m fairly sure I’ll be out there is early enough in October that I expect you’ll still be in New England.

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