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You’re Invited: RedMonk @ CommunityOne

As MySQL’s Zack Urlocker was kind enough to point out, and my colleagues have already noted, we at RedMonk will be running another unconference track at CommunityOne the day before JavaOne starts. Unlike JavaOne, it’s free. Also unlike JavaOne, we’ll all collectively be deciding on the agenda at the start, though we’re already queueing up sessions on everything from RIA (Adobe, JavaFX, Ajax and more) to Twitter Best Practices.

As was the case last year, I expect a diverse audience and slate of subjects. In addition to the aforementioned topics, I’m sure we’ll have dynamic language chatter, good open source talk, and more.

And actually, on the open source front, while I haven’t spoken with Zack or Mårten about it, I’d like to extend the invitation to have one or more of the MySQL folks join us and discuss their business model experimentation with the audience. There’s been a lot of talk about their decisions of late, to the extent that Mårten has actually proposed an unconference session on the subject.

Well as it turns out, we’ve got the venue for that, and while I can’t speak for the audience, I’d be interested to see a discussion between MySQL and users of the product because it has implications far beyond MySQL. So Mårten, Zack and co consider yourselves invited. As, of course, are the folks from Postgres, Derby, CouchDB – you name it.

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