Dumping Technorati (For Now)

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Slight Problem w/ Duplicates

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I’ve been a Technorati user for quite some time now, probably almost as long as they’ve been around. Despite some ups and downs, they’ve generally provided a quality search experience, and as a result I’ve dragged syndicated Technorati searches with me through four different aggregator migrations (Straw=>Bloglines=>FeedLoung=>Google Reader). I’ve had them for years, in other words.

But for several months now, these saved searches for RedMonk, or my name, and so on have been flooded with duplicates. Given that it’s a free service, I’m fine with temporary disruptions in the service or service quality.

Unfortunately, in this case, the problem has been neither temporary nor minor. Every day I’d be greeted by several dozen duplicates of posts that (usually) did contain the search terms, but were repeated over and over again. Given the volume of items [1] that I have to wade through every day, duplicates are an unacceptable waste of my time.

So for now, Technorati’s out. Someone let me know if they fix the problem, though, because I’d be happy to give them another shot.

[1] Courtesy my Google Reader Trends page: “From your 515 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,132 items.” As an aside to the Google Reader crew, is there a reason there’s no handy link to the Trends page? Or am I just missing it?


  1. The handy link is supposed to be on the home page of Google Reader…

    I don’t know about you, but I *never* go to the home page.

  2. Just wondering if you’ve got a technorati replacement in mind or are you simply waiting for normal service to resume?

  3. Danno: yeah, it’s there now, but (i swear) it wasn’t when i looked earlier. still, it should be within one of the upper level nav elements, IMO.

    Dan: no, not really. i’ve been using searches from Google Blogsearch, mostly, but maybe i’ll explore Icerocket or Sphere or something.

  4. I’d kill for someone to write a wordpress plugin that aggregated/filtered results from a variety of sources (technorati, google blogsearch, etc.)

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