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Heartless Bastards 06

Originally uploaded by woxy.

For those of you in the Denver/Boulder areas that are interested, both Flogging Molly and the Heartless Bastards will be gracing us with their presence in February. I’ll be at both shows (presuming my schedule doesn’t get in the way), so let me know if you’ll be attending.

If you like either Celtic influenced rock (think the Pogues) or punk (think the Pixies), you’re likely to like Flogging Molly. If you like both, how have you not heard these guys yet? Go get them at emusic.com. As for the Heartless Bastards, you can actually listen to them play a quick set over at my favorite radio station, Cincinnati’s WOXY.com. And they’re on emusic as well.

Should be fun. I love February.


  1. I just saw my first Heartless Bastards show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC a month or so ago. They really put on a great show. FYI their website also has streaming music (Flash required):

  2. Greg: i’ve caught them at the Lion’s Lair here in Denver previously, and had similar reactions. they put on a terrific show, and Erika (the lead singer) is really nice and approachable. no idea how such a big voice comes from someone so small.

    for those that are interested, they also have a MySpace page.

  3. Dunno how you feel about it, but I love Upcoming.org for stuff like this. [Of course, I also input a number of my friends’ concerts into Upcoming, so I’ve kinda taken a shine to it.]

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