I Am More Cookie Than Man

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The truth is that I have no sweet tooth. Actually, that doesn’t put it strongly enough – I actively dislike most things that are sweet, and my tastes appear to be getting more and more sour over the years. Orange juice, as an example, was a staple of my upbringing (especially the sweet nectar at the top of a carton of Tropicana before you shake it). Now, I can barely choke it down. Grapefruit juice is more my gig these days.

All that said, since arriving home – prematurely – for the holidays, I’ve eaten two or three thousand of my Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I don’t know whether it’s the nostalgia, the knowledge that I’ll have to sweat the damn things off next week, or just the butter, but they taste good. Like, really good. For real.

Anyway, in other news, I’m enjoying my first day of real vacation – i.e. nothing whatsoever on the slate – in what seems like forever (but is probably more like four months). Predictably, I’m using the unexpected bounty of free time for less than constructive purposes. Given that the wonderful folks from 1and1 appear to have suspended the account I use for a personal site with nary a phone call (maybe they emailed, but Hotmail suspended my account as well because I hadn’t logged in within 30 days – thanks guys), I’m working to get that back online.

First step was crawling all the way back to Monday on Statcounter’s logs to try and get the new IP for my cable modem back in Denver (damn dynamic IP’s), SSHing into the newly discovered IP to patch back into Apone who’s chugging idly away at home, then rsyncing my last backup of the site and its database from there up to it new home – thoughtfully provided gratis by the very kind folks from Joyent/Textdrive (a genuine thanks, guys). The rsync is underway right now. Following that, I’ll get to work reassembling the various pieces that make up that property – WordPress, Gallery (an ancient version, which may or may not be recoverable), etc. Or maybe I won’t. It seems like a nice day, and last I checked, I was on vacation. The only catch so far is that my new box is FreeBSD, and while Linux borrows most of the conventions from FreeBSD (as I wish Solaris would), I’m mildly freaked out.

Who knows, once I get home maybe I’ll even take the time to get my home phone back up and running. Probably not, considering all the snow in the mountains.


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