The Situation as of 1 PM ET

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Matt called it in the comments, JetBlue did not in fact know of what they spoke. Contrary to their predictions this morning of an open DIA, it’s still snowing there and the airport is now expected to be closed through noon tomorrow. Given that a friend of mine couldn’t make it back to Denver from Boulder after a three plus hour attempt, I’m decidedly unsurprised that I’m not going to turn the trick from JFK.

As a result, I’m now resorting to my worst case scenario, which as they often are, really isn’t that bad. Rather than fly back to Denver only to turn around and fly back out here, I’m now having JetBlue return me not tomorrow as they planned but next week. I’ll also have to call United to cancel my existing reservation out of DIA tomorrow morning.

Next steps are getting to my parents place in NJ from JFK. With rental cars going for almost $400 for the period in question, and my brother not in the area to come and get me, I’m likely to be heading down to the American Stock Exchange to grab a ride from my Dad on the tail end of his commute.

Couple of things I need to get to, still, but availability is likely to be up and down until I get home. Apologies on that and the lack of blogging, and my sympathies to all the stranded travelers.


  1. Not the best start to the Xmas season – hope you have a good one despite your travel travails …

  2. Why not a train? I mean, maybe you have to get a taxi ride in from JFK to Manhattan, but what about schlepping it to Jersey via NJ Transit? Of course, I have no idea where your folks live, and my jersey experiences only get me into and out of the Springfield area for the one vendor I mess with up that way.

  3. I shoveled out another 3 feet of snow from the driveway this morning. My folks were scheduled to fly in today, they re-booked on the first available flight: Dec. 25th. Nothing to do but roll with it, I guess…

    The good news? It’s sunny and clear here now.

  4. Next time you get stranded in New York without warning, plan ahead better so we can grab a beer 😉

  5. Ric: not bad at all, all things considered. hope your holidays are excellent as well.

    Geof: mostly because my Dad was headed home anyhow, so all i had to do was meet him. otherwise, i probably who have taken a bus from the Port Authority.

    Alex: dear, sweet Jebus. 3 feet? hope your back’s ok.

    Luis: i was actually thinking that, until i found out that my brother was in Iowa. one of these days we’ll cross paths, i swear it 🙂

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