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And Then There Were Four…

As James says, at RedMonk we’re picky about who we hire – very picky. I’m more to blame for this than James, to be honest, not least because I’m reponsible for all of our capital expenditures and obligations. Maybe it’s just because I saw the dark side of hiring ahead of the curve in the systems integration world in the post-bubble era (read: massive layoffs), but I remain perplexed as to why the overwhelming sentiment amongst the populace at large seems to be hiring just for the sake of hiring. I can’t tell you how often I field the question: when are you hiring?

Don’t think I’ll ever really grasp the at-all-costs importance placed on headcount growth in what essentially is a relationship and authority business, but fortunately I don’t have to, as we – James and I – run the show these days. In other words, we add only the best fits and only at the right time. First it was Cote, and now it’s Anne (whom you might have seen in Om Malik’s WebWorkerDaily).

That’s right, RedMonk is now an imposing four bodies (and 25% female :). I’m positively delighted to welcome Anne into the fold. I could go on and on about her background and skills (just look at the job she did with the Sandbox template, for one) – but I don’t have to: just read some of her stuff, and you’ll know exactly why we’re so happy to have the opportunity to work with her. And lest you think we’re biased as her new associates, let me point out that both Bill and Ryan think it’s a good idea as well. I suppose it’s possible that we’d be wrong, but Bill and Ryan? Unlikely ;)

Anyhow, if you’re curious as to what she’ll do, why she joined, or why she called her blog tech decentral hop on over. And please join me in welcoming Anne; if you haven’t read her before, you’re in for a treat.

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  • john simonds

    Tell her welcome aboard.

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  • brenda michelson

    great get. if i were to expand (double?) anne would be at the top of that list. really great to see you guys growing, keep up the good work -brenda

  • Sandy Kemsley

    You just need to add Brenda and I to the fold and you’d make 50%. :) That’d be an industry first.

  • sogrady

    john: will do – hopefully you’ll get the chance to interact with her shortly.

    brenda: thx much. next step is finding a way to work effectively together with elemental links ;)

    Sandy: wouldn’t that be something ;)

  • Ric

    Sorry I’m late responding, but had a couple of weeks vacation … this would have to be one of the least surprising announcements I’ve heard in a long time – recent conversations between Redmonkers and Anne gave me a sense of inevitability.

    Anne – I hope you enjoy the more formal relationship with the guys, and guys – congrats on the hire.

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