Denver Tech Meetup

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For those of you in the area, the Denver Tech Meetup is on for Thursday. I expect a smaller group than usual, because of the short notice and some conflicting travel plans, but it’s been a (long) while so I figured we go ahead and get together anyway even if it’s just a couple of us. The good folks from Jabber are confirming venue, but tentative plan is Via down on Wynkoop. Time is 6:30(ish), unless I hear differently from Jabber.

My apologies for also, as Alex pointed out, putting the event so close to BarCampBoulder, but I may or may not be able to make it to that given the fact that a friend and I are scheduled to watch the Amherst/Williams football game Saturday morning. If you need to pass on the DTM for BarCamp, no worries, we’ll try and plan a pre-holiday one as well.

Hope you can make it, and BarCamp folks I’ll try and be there late Saturday.

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  1. I can’t make the tech meetup–husband out of town, couldn’t find a babysitter. And Via sounds really good. Have fun.

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