Heartless Bastards #3 on emusic Charts

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All This Time Album Cover

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As James says, emusic.com is where it’s at, particularly now that I appear to be a Linux only music fan. When I logged in this morning, I was especially pleased to see that they had the new Heartless Bastards album, as it’s not available for general release until the 8th.

Haven’t given it a full listen yet, but I’m a big fan, and as previously mentioned, the lead singer Erika Wennerstrom was very nice went I met her briefly at the Lion’s Lair back in Denver. Right now, they’re the #3 album (thankfully – if they’d be ranked behind the Barenaked Ladies, who are at #9, I would have been irked).

There’s also a new Flogging Molly live/acoustic album up, if you’re into Irish-folk-punk. It can’t be said enough: if you’re not an emusic.com subscriber, you really should be. What’s better than getting nice, clean, DRM-free MP3’s served up?


  1. if emusic was more blog friendly they would really be kicking ass.

  2. For every kid who grows up singing most of the time, wants to be a singer, seeing how it means so much to them, one has to wonder how many will have that special something which will propel them into a carear with it. I had to picture young Miss Wennerstrom growing up with no idea that there was ever anything else worth doing!
    I think people sense that immediately in her passionate style that pushes beyond a common favoritism for delicacy, or control and ornamentation. What I mean is, you can have forty or fifty “pretty” voices which touch you chiefly with sentimentality of the heart, or harmoniousness on the ear, and then you get one Erica Wennerstrom, which I suggest hits you in the adrenal gland first, all of which you can form a sentimental attachment to later!
    I know comparisons are odious, but if you can hear Faith Hill as a sort of Acethylene torch, well Erica is more like the Space Shuttle taking off, and she blows her away in the process.

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