Oh, The Things I’ll Do to Get Back to Maine

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As many of you know, my current plan calls for me to spend the summer back east at my family’s place in Maine. Originally, I was contemplating just July and August back there, but since the stripers run hottest in late June, I’ll probably be leaving mid month now. Workwise, everything should be pretty straightforward, apart from the people that don’t realize I’ve made that temporary transition and assume I’m still in Denver.

Getting out there with everything I need, however, is going to be slightly more complicated. The major complicating factor here is my cat. While I have friends here that’d be happy to look after her, even for that long, I have no intention of being parted from her for two months. She’s coming to Maine, therefore, one way or another. The original plan was for me to drive out with her in the Taurus, where if she scratched the leather up after two days in the car it’d be no big deal. With a new car, however, I’m less than enthused about that prospect; it’s just something about seeing the pristine leather seats all torn up.

For those that are wondering why I need to drive there at all, it’s because I’ll need a reliable car. I keep an old 195K+ miles Ford Explorer there, but it’s not up to the daily commute I’m likely to have to make down to Portland (damn Georgetown for not having any broadband available). There are also several summer weddings I’ll need to attend, at distances that would be problematic for the truck. That’s not to mention the fact that if I’m gone for over two months, I’ll want to bring a number of difficult to fly things with me. Driving, therefore, is an unfortunate necessity.

The new plan, therefore, is to incorporate a quick trip out there to nail down my summer office with a transfer of said feline to the east coast (she hates flying, incidentally). Following that, I’ll fly immediately back to Denver, pack the car, get a full night’s rest, and set out in the new vehicle for the 2+ day drive to Maine. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

But such is my affection for a summer of boating, fishing and wiffle.


  1. I spent many summers in Portland, Harrison, Bridgton, and on Long Lake. Loved it … 🙂

  2. Does that mean we get the Az for a short while? If so I will have to tranquilize Finbar and Fiona so that they don’t beat the crap out of Az.

  3. Jim: amen. Denver is a fantastic place to live, but nothing beats being on the water.

    SOGSR: if you guys will be up the w/e of the 17th, i guess you will be looking out for her. otherwise, she can look after herself for a night or two.

    in any event, i wouldn’t worry about sedating the monsters. fiona just slinks around hissing at her, and finbar seems confused when az starts chasing him around kicking his ass.

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