As Nice as Coors Field Is Though…

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It’s not Fenway, and it’s not the Sox. I was laughing last night when I heard a woman behind me ask, “how many fouls are there in the match?”

But you don’t have to take my word for it that Boston takes their baseball pretty seriously. Here’s what Mark Loretta’s Dad had to say after his son’s gamewinning walk off home run yesterday (a happy day in the O’Grady household, to be sure):

”But then you start to look at it and say to yourself, Mark’s probably got another three, four good years in him left. Why not play on the biggest stage of the world? Really nothing against Milwaukee [Loretta’s first team] or the Padres, but that’s not the same stage as this is.

”I’ve been here six games now, I gotta tell you this is a totally different feel. This is really the major, major leagues. Red Sox Nation, you can’t describe it. It’s one thing to say ‘Red Sox Nation’ as a term, but it’s another thing to just feel the vibrancy, the energy this whole thing has.”

I love being a Sox fan.

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  1. I really can’t say that I’m sorry that the RSN suffered a humiliating defeat during Boston Massacre II. Go Bx Bombers 😉

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