LinuxWorld and the Wine of Memory

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It was a strangely nostalgic day for me here at LinuxWorld. Not because of the show itself, which though entertaining and informative does not inspire such sentiment, but rather the location. About 6 years ago at this time, I was living about 6 blocks from the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center over in South Boston (AKA Southie), though the site was pretty much just a crater at the time. I used to get up every morning (when I wasn’t travelling that is) and walk to a point about 5 blocks on the other side of the conference center (12 Farnsworth St) to the DiaLogos office. It’s still the best commute I’ve ever had, before or since. Said office was full of exceptionally bright, fun people that I haven’t seen in longer than I care to remember, who made working there a real pleasure.

It seems almost like another lifetime, and I suppose in many ways it was, but the walk home from the conference center to the Hotel Wyndham here on Broad St ran me down Summer St (where my old gym was), hanging a right at the Fort Point Channel (I think that’s what it’s called), and then a left up Congress St (passing Farnsworth on the right). Many of the lunch and happy hour venues I used to frequent with my coworkers are still around, and it reminded me of a pretty good time in my life.

Weird, but pleasantly so. It’s an odd feeling to revisit a place you spent so much time, but haven’t seen in years.

But I doubt anyone besides me cares about all that, so I’ll get on to the actual show news now.

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  1. Memory Lane! What a GREAT place to go, Stephen. I have my own. The ground of Riccarton Park, which is a racing track and also a Christchurch conference venue in Christchurch.

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