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There’s been lots of talk in recent weeks and months of information overload, continuous partial attention and the like, and I’m absolutely feeling it. I complained about my absurd feed volume not too long ago. How bad is the problem?

Well, just last week I accidentally clicked “Mark All Read” in FeedLounge (even clicking through a confirming dialogue box), starting fresh. At the time, I was carrying approximately 15,500 unread items. Unfortunately, my respite was brief. After several days of heavy feed reading, I find myself in the hole by a count of 1634 unread items.

I don’t feel any real pressure to read all of it, fortunately, but it is an indication of how difficult it is to keep up these days.


  1. Of course there is something cathartic about hitting ‘mark all as read’ and just moving on 🙂

  2. Some people criticize it, but I think Google Reader forcing you read every item makes you be selective about the feeds you feel are worth keeping around.

    I got rid of a couple that I’d usually not bother to read when I was with Bloglines.

    Maybe it’s different when reading feeds is part of your job.

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