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Feed Volume

There’s been lots of talk in recent weeks and months of information overload, continuous partial attention and the like, and I’m absolutely feeling it. I complained about my absurd feed volume not too long ago. How bad is the problem?

Well, just last week I accidentally clicked “Mark All Read” in FeedLounge (even clicking through a confirming dialogue box), starting fresh. At the time, I was carrying approximately 15,500 unread items. Unfortunately, my respite was brief. After several days of heavy feed reading, I find myself in the hole by a count of 1634 unread items.

I don’t feel any real pressure to read all of it, fortunately, but it is an indication of how difficult it is to keep up these days.

Categories: Trends & Observations.

  • Josh Hallett

    Of course there is something cathartic about hitting ‘mark all as read’ and just moving on :-)

  • Danno

    Some people criticize it, but I think Google Reader forcing you read every item makes you be selective about the feeds you feel are worth keeping around.

    I got rid of a couple that I’d usually not bother to read when I was with Bloglines.

    Maybe it’s different when reading feeds is part of your job.

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