Sweet Home, Colorado

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Getting off the Frontier flight last night in Terminal A, I found Colorado much as I left it last Thursday: awash in driving snow and cold, if not frigid, temps. While I very much enjoy snow in the abstract, I’m dramatically less fond of it on the road, particularly at one in the morning 25 miles from home. But lest it seem like all I do is complain, let me say that I had an outstanding and productive visit to San Francisco (I’ve recently been told that referring to the city as ‘San Fran’ is mildly insulting). Apart from some excellent sessions on OSBC Day 2, I had the pleasure of seeing or meeting folks such as Andy Astor, Bill Vass, Jason Matusow, Matt Filios, and Tim Bray (more on that chat later, perhaps).

In other news, my new colleague linked to the Gillmor Daily show that I was a guest on yesterday. Steve, Dan Farber and I discuss very little vis a vis OSBC, but get into topics like Google, grid/utility computing, SaaS, scalability, and more. For the record, that’s not how I sound in person 😉

You didn’t hear from me yesterday because I was putting the final touches on the Oracle JBoss/Sleepycat/Zend Q&A which I’ll post right after I’m done here, but more to come this week.

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  1. I traveled to Colorado from Maui last weekend (househunting trip–we move to Denver in late March) and was a little bummed to confront the snow. Like you, I enjoy snow in theory not practice. Last time I visited was in October, when it snowed also. I had to rush out to Target and buy boots for my kids. My parents told me it was a very mild weather in the interim so the Rocky Mountain weather gods must have it out for me. It’ll probably snow in April after we arrive.

    By the way, I enjoyed your analysis of the Oracle open source acquisitions. I’m a former Oracle employee so always interested to read about Larry’s brainstorms.

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