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In playing my Best of Van Morrison disk recently, whether it’s in the car or over at the Supper Club, I’ve had a couple of people ask me where some of the less popular tracks came from. Apparently some of them haven’t yet run across the Bang Sessions. This double album, as Wikipedia confirms, featured a young Van Morrison working under some duress first with producer Bert Berns, then his widow. While the first disc is considered the meat of the album – the second features tracks on royalty checks and how he wants a danish – both have solid offerings. Among the standouts are Spanish Rose, an alternate version of Brown Eyed Girl, Joe Harper Saturday Morning, Shake it Mable, La Mambo and more.

So if you’re a Van fan, or just like that kind of music, the Bang Sessions are highly recommended. And the good news is that you can pick it up DRM free, courtesy of emusic.com here. Long live emusic.


  1. I used to like Van.. until I visited one of his concerts! He played in Utrecht, The Netherlands, a couple of years ago. We payed quite a lot of money for the tickets, and it was a great concert! When Van stepped off stage after 45 minutes, many thought there was a break or something like that. But then they began to dismantle the PA system.. and lots of people got *very* angry. He just didn't give value for our money. Too bad.

  2. Van Morrison was my first concert and what a first concert. John Lee Hooker came up and played with him and just blew the crowd away. Getting the Bang Sessions right now…

    Keep on rockin' –

  3. Gerco: sorry to hear it – sounds like a bummer. but i'd try not to judge him by the one show – every performer has an off day here and there.

    Christine: what a first concert indeed. i think mine was Guns N' Roses – i'd kill to trade that for Van & Hooker. let me know what you think of the Bang Sessions.

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