Hula? Scalix? Zimbra? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

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In case the point hasn’t been made strongly enough before: our messaging/calendaring business, a highly lucrative several person account, is absolutely in play – up for grabs, as they. This has been the case for a while as we need a package more cross-platform friendly than Exchange – OWA on Firefox is just brutal, and I received a painful reminder of that fact this morning when I arrived to discover that the IMAP connection to the ASP-One servers is down yet again. For those less technically inclined, this means that I can’t use my desktop client at all, and given the aforementioned limitations of OWA on Firefox the situation is less than ideal.

So look – I don’t care which one of you figures out the hosted model first, I just want it figured out, m’kay?


  1. So you're also tied to the sinking ship that is Asp-One, huh?

  2. for now, yes. for now. i was ready to swap over to 1and1, b/c they've been good as far as hosting goes and have a better deal on space, but i need to get off exchange and don't want to migrate only to migrate yet again.

    you're getting the shaft from these guys as well, i take it?

  3. Take a look at @Mail – http://atmail.com/ – A Linux alternative to your current setup!

  4. I would try intermedia instead if you're still on exchange. they've been pretty good – and 1and1 is a disaster (on exchange, not web hosting)

  5. Stephen, is it *still* in play? Stop teasing us and let us know what you went with. Happy to help you out with a test Zimbra hosting account if you’re interested.

  6. Well, just stumbled over this via a google alert.

    Scalix 11.2 is due out in less than two weeks.

    Let me know if you’d like to take it for a test drive, or if you’re up for a chat about your needs and how to meet them.

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