Sometimes its Nice to Work From Home

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As some of you know, when I was back in Maine, I worked out of an office in the bustling metropolis of Bath about 500 yards up the Kennebec from the largest single employer in the state (particularly now that the MBNA jobs there may be in trouble thanks to a BofA buyout), Bath Iron Works.

Shockingly, 1700 sq ft former artist studios are slightly more expensive here in Denver, and with the lack of any real justifaction for one, I’ve dumped the office and now just work out my place here. It’s not bad, as I’ve got a relatively comfortable home office setup, and doubtless there are thousands of cubicle dwellers or factory line workers out there that would kill to have the luxury of working from home. I do miss having an office, however, if only because there was some guaranteed separation between when I’m at work and when I’m at home, which is not really the case now.

That said, working at home does have its little perks. Pictured here was my office for the afternoon – complete with the basic necessities of wireless, phone and music. It may be ninety out, but it’s nice on the porch.

Speaking of Bath, however, I’ll be back there next week during some vaca. I’m hoping to meet up with a bunch of folks while I’m back, so if you’re in the area let me know. My schedule will be heavily slanted towards boat time and fishing, but I’ll have a bit of time in Boston at the end and beginning of my week’s plus there.

More on that next week; for now, enjoy your respective weekends.


  1. Quietly mumbling to myself – "no envy, no envy, be happy in the corporate office environment".

    Oh how that would be so nice! Great photo.

    Now back to my grumbling, er, mumbling.


  2. sorry to taunt you 🙂 if it helps any, remember that during heavy travel periods i'm away from home several days per week for weeks at a shot. as with everything else in life, there's a pricetage associated with what we do.

  3. Working on some personal code projects this summer instead of finding a real job, I have too often felt the pull of "Ehh, I'm not REALLY at work, I can go and play some Halo" all too often.

    How do you get yourself in the mindset sogrady? I've been trying sticking to a schedule and that SEEMS to work, but I think I need a better habit adjustment technique.

  4. Dang, for a second I thought was three big screens to the right of your patio table.

  5. Rest assured, no one here would kill *YOU* for the privile of working from home.
    Has for home/work spearation, with a cell phone connected 24/7, that sounds cool, I’d like to try that sometime. Simply not having to comute every day, …

  6. Danno: it’s actually easy for me, b/c i’m essentially bombarded all day with emails, phone calls and IM. they keep me busy, whereas if i had to motivate for a long dev project i could see that being difficult. collaboration can be good for your productivity in that sense, b/c someone else is always involved.

    ThinGuy: man would that have been SWEET, but unfortunately i’m not that lucky 😉

    Jaime: yeah, while i miss my office days for the people i worked with, i really don’t miss commuting. even having to go to meetings here in Denver downtown are brutal.

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