There But for the Grace of God…

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As you’ve probably all heard by now, London was hit this morning by a series of blasts that killed as many as 33 by some reports, and likely injured scores more. I’m profoundly grateful that my colleague chose today to be late to work, given that his office is located near the scene of the first detonation in Aldgate East. My sympathies of course go out to all of the affected and their families, and I hope that those responsible (rather than those who are at hand) are brought to justice.

Things like this, however, do remind me how lucky we all are sometimes. My father has worked on Wall St for his entire career, and a staple of his commute was taking the PATH train from NJ to the World Trade center stop in Manhattan – a trip I made with him the summer I worked for him in high school. Where was he during both the World Trade center bombings? On vacation, in Maine. Anybody who had loved ones, colleagues or otherwise affected by 9/11 has doubtless heard similar stories of fate pushing them out of harm’s way, while there are just as certainly stories pushing them into it, as well. Either way, if there’s one lesson I’ve absorbed from such events it’s this: one never knows when you’ll reach the end of your path, so do the best you can along the way.

Anyhow for those concerned I spoke with James this morning and he’s fine, as is his lovely wife. He’s understandably out of the office for the day, so if you need to get in touch with him give me a call and I’ll do what I can to help you.

Update: Flickr’s got a pool of pictures up here.

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  1. yes – as natalie reminded me last night, we can thank our boiler. for some reason it wasnt’ making hot water yesterday morning so i spent 20 minutes fiddling on it to get the hot back before heading out to work. that was a very valuable 20 minutes. thank you boiler.

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