The X40 is Fully Baked, Thanks to a few Wikis

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Installing Gentoo

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

Over the past week, I’ve pretty much caught up on the last few to-do’s on my install list, and what I have now is almost 100% functionally comparable with my Windows XP partition. Yes, even Bluetooth is working, along with ACPI suspend (which is not as good as APM, IMO), Wifi (except for netapplet, as previously mentioned), ALSA sound, Exchange connectivity, three-button mouse, Thinkpad special function keys, etc.

Even better, given both the improvement in hardware (I’ve got over a gig of RAM now) and the improvements in the package itself, I’m now running Beagle full time. Real, live desktop search is here.

I’ll be posting my configs and everything to our wiki eventually, but meantime I suggest that anyone looking to install Linux on their Thinkpad head over to ThinkWiki.org, which was recommended in a previous comment from Matt. It’s an excellent all around resource.

Who says Linux isn’t ready for the desktop? 😉

On a side note, thorough readers might notice that every link above is pointing at a wiki of some sort. Anybody else think Udell’s looking very prescient? And no, it’s not just us techies.


  1. What did you find most useful for the ACPI setup? I have a HP Pavilion that I don't have ACPI up on yet.

  2. hi andy, sorry to get back to so late. i used some stuff from the ThinkWiki page, but Eric Raymond's instructions here should work on any platform:

    just remember (i forgot to) to chmod your script to make it executable by anyone.

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