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Nofollow Activated

Comment pammers, move along. Any links you post in our comments will henceforth be ignored by Google, MSN, Yahoo et al. Fellow MT users, you can pick up the plugin here – it takes 30 seconds. Thanks to all the folks involved for helping to combat the problem. It’ll be interesting to see what this does to our comment-spam volume, which is substantial.

Next up – referrer spam.

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  1. I just installed it as well. Great to see MT implement this so quickly.

    Now the question is will it work? I know the plugin works, but how long will it take for the comment spammers to stop the script attacks?

  2. i don't know, but am hopeful that midterm at least we'll see a decline in volume.

    the main problem, i think, is that spammers do not seem to discriminate between good opportunities and bad ones. our referrer spam is exhibit A – we've never displayed referrers and yet suffer a fair amount of referrer spam.

    but if it makes any dent, i'll appreciate it.

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