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Are You Building RESTian Web Services?

Would you like to speak to a reporter about it? I’m speaking to one sometime this week, and curiously enough he’d like to also speak to someone using the technology, rather than just spouting off about it :) If you’re that guy or gal, drop me a post or an email and I’ll pass along the info. No guarantees you’ll get contacted, but I’ll make sure he gets the info.

Categories: Emerging Technologies.

  • Cote'

    I had a discussion with someone the other day about using REST instead of SOAP in enterprise software (as opposed to consumer software – Flickr, blogger – where it's wide-spread and accepted).

    In the end, the position was essentially that SOAP had more clout and positive reputation and, was, thus, better than what seemed like the toy-ish REST. I don't believe this myself, but I can easily understand how that view previals and seems correct. My feel is that sky-high architects really like SOAP, and the end of the line coders like REST more. It's a weird (all to typical) breakout.

    So…I kind of lost track of my original point…'d be interesting to hear more about REST being used in non-[Flickr|blogger||etc.] apps.

  • sogrady

    you're talking to some of the same (or similar) folks i am, it would appear. i've heard similar commentary many times and actually just talked to a reporter about them today. i'm constantly on the lookout for good examples (XMLHTTPRequest i think is one promising area to mine), and will hopefully aggregate some of them soon. meantime, if anybody runs across any good examples, please ping them my way.

  • sogrady

    meant to say another reporter in the comment above.