Who Are We?

RedMonk is not your parents’ industry analyst firm. When we founded the firm in 2002, we knew that we wanted to do things differently. In our opinion, the industry analysis business was fast becoming a mere protection racket. While rackets are undoubtedly a profitable business arrangement, they’re neither sustainable nor ethical in our view.

It should therefore come as no surprise that we’ve always been different. Over the past few years, however, we’ve pushed the envelope even further. After seeing the benefits of open source first hand via our coverage of firms in the space, we made the decision to embrace it for our own business – a decision that we’ve never had cause to regret. As a result, all of our content is open and freely accessible.

Our business model is straightforward; we do occasional project work but mainly work under yearly retained subscriptions with clients which include consulting hours, press services, and a variety of other value adds. One important note: we do no commissioned research of any kind, feeling that it has little value.

Our revenue is primarily derived from vendors, although the occasional savvy enterprise/university/government agency does slip through the door. And while we do work with some of the biggest firms in the business, we also have quite a few startups on board.

While it’s impossible given the breadth to simply distill our coverage and views, the core thesis that guides much of our work is that technology adoption is increasingly a bottom up proposition. The supporting evidence abounds; think Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Firefox, or Eclipse. All of these are successful because they’ve built from the ground floor, often in grassroots fashion.

So the question we pose to you is this: you may have analysts that help you understand top down. Who do you have that does bottom up?

Have more questions? We have answers.