The Rise of the Designer/Developer Mashup Developer

While at SAP TechEd ’07 Community Day, James Governor talks with Dan McWeeney about the new type of designer/developer role and methodology Dan has seen emerge recently.

Rather than build on an open source or closed source only stack, Dan says, these developers pull in whatever code, projects, tools, and data they need to make a sort of development tool-chain mashup. Many of these coders, Dan notes, aren’t traditional types of developers and are, instead, good at mixing together and integrating different stacks and services.

James and Dan then end up with a discussion about how commercial companies like SAP could support this process and the different ways customers, like Dan’s employer, Colgate-Palmolive could manage the support and risk.

Disclaimer: SAP is a client.


  1. says

    Nice interview…I really like Dan’s ideas of the new brand of developers…Which is something that we are already seing on SDN…Collaboration and integration are the keys for new projects success…




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