Eclipse EMF Demo – A complete modeling platform for Java

Coté talks with Ed Merks about the Eclipse Modeling Framework project, or EMF. Ed gives us a quick overview of the framework and new features and then walks us through designing a model in EMF, generating code, and then round-tripping back and forth. Watching the demo you can see how EMF could be used to create data models at the begining of a project and then maintain them throughout.

There is a larger version of the video available, as well as a larger Flash version.


  1. Eliseo Martínez says

    A constructive critique:

    The video’s content is interesting, but resolution is so bad that visual information is lost. Audio alone would do the same. I suppose you do this to reduce download size, but in my opinion it’s a wrong decision.

    Best regards.

  2. Anuj says

    Great introduction to EMF. Enough description was given to start the wheels rolling on where this meta modelling can be used in my current context. Thanks a lot.


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