Europa Mylyn Demo – Task Management and Context Filtering for Teams

Coté talks with Mik Kersten of the Eclipse Mylyn team about the most recent version of Mylyn (formally Mylar) in Eclipse Europa. In a brief video segment, Mik gives us a quick overview of Mylyn’s goals as a task and “task context” plugin to Eclipse. Mylyn integrates with issue and task tracking applications like BugZilla, trac, and Rally, giving Eclipse users a normalized and team-driven GUI for task management. Tightly-linked to tasks is the idea of creating and managing “task contexts” which focus your code-base and related project down to just the items related to a task. These task contexts are saved with the task and can be shared among the team to get highly-focused views of the project, cutting away the inevitable clutter that even the most successful projects encounter.

For a larger version, see the large video or the even larger Flash video.

Disclaimer: the Eclipse Foundation is client, and this screencast was sponsored by the Eclipse Foundation.


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