OSGi on the Server-side: Eclipse Europa Equinox Demo

In this screencast, Coté talks with Eclipse Equinox project lead Jeff McAffer about the new version of the Eclipse Equinox OSGi framework in Eclipse Europa. We see a demo of the the new server-side capabilities in Equinox and the development model used. The notion of “modules” and “components” is fast becoming an important topic in the Java world so it’s interesting to see the Eclipse platform’s framework moving from the desktop to the server.

A larger version of the MP4 video is available as well, as is a larger Flash version.

Disclaimer: Eclipse is a client and sponsored this video.


  1. Kompiro says

    That’s cool!
    because I don’t know the feature, OSGi Bundles update on console.
    Java has hotdeploy function, but this function sometime occured OutOfMemoryError.
    So That’s Nice. 😉

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