Applications I Can’t Live Without, Volume 1: YubNub

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Seriously: who wouldn’t appreciate an application named after the Ewok word for freedom?

If you like the command line, you’ll love YubNub. And even if you don’t know what the command line is, you’ll probably still love YubNub because it saves you time just about every time you use the browser. For the first in a series of screencasts on applications I can’t live without, I couldn’t have picked a better one: the Ruby built application is a staple of my everyday life.

Come see why in this video. You may want to view it full-screen in HD to get the full effect.

Notes: Screencast was recorded with gtk-recordMyDesktop, audio was recorded with Audacity, and the final video was rendered using PiTiVi. Thanks to those projects for their hard work.

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  1. This video offers the best explanation of YubNub yet.

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