Travel News: Or, Where to Watch the Ballgames

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Originally, this week and next were supposed to be the calm before the storm, as next Friday sees me off on a grueling Boston ==> St Croix (cousin’s wedding) ==> DC (client appearance) ==> Stamford, CT (client conference) ==> Westchester, NY (client consult) ==> Boston ==> Maine itinerary. But best laid plans and all of that.

Instead, I’ve selflessly subordinated my calendar to my beloved Sox. So herewith is the World Series themed itinerary:

Game 1 (tonight)

Heading down to the Pedro O’Hara’s in Freeport to catch the game, as I’m 2-0 watching from there.

Game 2 (tomorrow tonight)

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Will be in Boston at the 21st Amendment. Efforts to secure tickets have thus far failed, so I’m falling back to my default bar in Boston to catch the game with friends. You’re more than welcome to join us, as long as you’re not a Yankee fan or, I suppose, a Rockies fan.

Game 3 (Saturday night)

Az and I will be watching from the comfortable confines of seat 9A on a flight from JFK to Denver. Though I tried, I was unable to secure a ticket on a game-free night, and a.) Az needs to get back to Denver, and b.) the Sox (obviously) need me in close proximity. Plus, JetBlue does have Fox, so I’ll be able to watch the game in its entirety.

Game 4 (Sunday night)

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From the list of Red Sox embassies that provide sanctuary for fans far from home, I’ve selected Chopper’s Sports Grill over in Cherry Creek. Reportedly run by a born and raised Bostonian, I’m hoping that this proves to be an oasis of sanity in an otherwise Rockies crazed town. Again, feel free to join us, but tread lightly if you’re a Rockies fan.

Game 5 (Monday night)

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Into the lion’s den I’ll venture: Cap City tavern. Normally, I’d pick a more Sox friendly establishment, but a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while is working, so I’ll brave the crowd. Reinforcements would be more than welcome, given the anticipated hostility of the crowd.

Game 6 (Wednesday night)

My last in Denver, before I return home to bring the Sox luck in a game 7 should it be necessary, my venue is undetermined. Following the ballgame, I’ll be hopping on a red eye back to Portland.

Where Will You Be?

Hopefully hanging out in one of the places I’m watching from, but if not feel free to share your whereabouts in the comments so that like minded fans can – if all goes according to plan – celebrate (if you’re a Sox fan) or commiserate (if you’re a Rockies fan) together.


  1. We’ll be watching the games from Stout Public House in downtown San Diego (assuming they’re open, with the world ending all around us and all).

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  3. here’s hoping for both a Sox victory and a swift end to the CA fires, sir.

  4. For game 5 (fingers crossed), I’ll be 17 rows back in the 3rd deck, right about at 3rd base.

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