links for 2007-10-10

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  1. On Web 2.0 in the enterprise – you wrote, “but i’m not convinced there’s a medium. and it could cost them.”

    Au contraire. I believe there is a medium. It requires some investment in education, training, maybe some tools, and a huge dose of trust (enterprises trusting their employees!). I wrote about this at http://outside-in-development.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-use-web-20-in-enterprise.html

    (Anant Jhingran referenced it here: http://jhingran.typepad.com/anant_jhingrans_musings/2007/10/creativity-vs-c.html)

    If you still think there’s no medium, let’s discuss the issues – I may be missing something…


  2. […] response to my links from the 10th, IBM’s Carl Kessler responded to an offhand comment of mine on questions of Web […]

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