links for 2007-10-09

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  1. re: Amazon MP3… I know you Redmonk guys are eMusic fans… but it’s a subscription model. Personally, I want to download and pay for music on a per-track basis. I understand that Rhapsody is subscription too. The reason I like the Amazon way of working is the fact that it’s like iTunes i.e. per track or album, but sans DRM. That would suit me better than the eMusic idea (which I’m currently trying, since Amazon MP3 downloads are unavailable to me as a UK consumer).

  2. […] At Your Service: The Linux Service Agreement Courtesy of sogrady I have just read some great news from Amazon, in the form of Amazon S3 At Your […]

  3. I preferr Amazon’s service to iTunes. iTunes is very intrusive on a computer system and I hate that I need to use a software that slows my system down when I use iTunes. Will be interesting to see how iTunes and the other competitors will react to the Amazon way of selling music.

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