P.S. The Comments Feed is Fixed

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Forgot to mention that the low stress weekend afforded me something besides the opportunity to sleep the afternoons away. With a bit of downtime, I was able to look at a number of technical issues that have been bugging me. Some, like getting email and calendaring up and running on my Nokia N75, are mostly irrelevant to you (although I’ll have a full Google Apps report for you shortly). Others, like the issue Sam raised, I haven’t quite figured out yet. But one that is worth mentioning is the repair of my comments feed.

To the 20 or so of you that have loyally remained subscribed to a feed effectively rendered dead post-our cut over to WordPress, my sincere apologies. To the rest of you, might I suggest subscribing to the newly repaired feed?

I’d be the first to tell you that the comments around here are generally of greater value than my humble offerings. Witness Joel’s comment on the nuances of social networking, Bill’s comment on distributed source code management (note also Krow and Simon‘s corrections), or Shiv’s comment if you’re curious as to what WOXY thinks of the KRS/SoundExchange email.

The feed again is here, and I’ll be looking into why you can’t autodiscover it as Sam pointed out shortly.

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