I Am the Bringer of Storms

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Sorry about this, New England. I didn’t ask for this title; it was bestowed upon me most unwillingly by someone with pull. Poseidon‘s my bet. If I’d done enough to merit a Wikipedia entry, I wonder if my Odyssean curse would merit mention. As Bender would say, “Curse you merciful Poseidon!”

In the meantime, just a reminder that I’ll be out of the office and unreachable tomorrow. If you need something from RedMonk, check in with one of my colleagues.

I’ll be back on the job first thing Tuesday, assuming I’ve thawed out by then.


  1. Remember to take a bottle of hooch to keep warm with tomorrow, Steve.

  2. Hail Stormbringer,

    The accuweather link is popping up a very annoying system doctor crapware ad. Not sure if Joe Average could resist and not install this “indispensable utility”.

    Best regards,


  3. damn, i forgot my flask at home. oh well, i’m sure the Sox frown on flasks anyway.

  4. John: apologies, didn’t see that with Firefox here. other readers, note John’s comment and beware.

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