links for 2007-04-03

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  1. Steve, you know that the Habari>ForkPress was posted on Sunday, right? 😉

  2. Stephen,

    I subscribed to MLB.TV 3-4 years ago when I lived in San Diego & wanted to keep in touch with my beloved Giants.

    While I was very impressed with the quality and convenience — I will warn you that (unless they’ve changed the policy) not every game is televised through it. On any given night, it seemed that only 85% of the games were available. So you were SOL 1-2 times out of every 10 and usually on Saturday due to the Fox game of the week. I am not sure how the broadcast blackout rules were applied.

    The interesting thing is that slingbox wouldn’t help your situation because (I’m assuming) you’re a red Sox fan living with Colorado cable. What someone in your situation would need to find is a slingbox owner in Boston metro who is willing to share their slingbox server access info with you. If it hasn’t happened already, I suspect that “slingbox swapping clubs” will start popping up to connect ex-pats in Boston & Colorado & Seattle & Atlanta so they can follow their local teams/weather/news.

    Note: I do not condone this action. I do not think that individuals should work around the rules just because technology gives them the ability to. OTOH, I believe that it is in content owners best interest to recognize what is possible technically — and instead of resorting to litigation or DRM — provide their assets in the most convenient, affordable and compelling method to consumers. See CD/Napster/EMusic/iTunes discussions …

  3. For MLB.com, the System Requirements page says that they use Flash video for free content (which should work fine on Linux), and Windows Media for copy-protected content:

    Windows Media is at version 10 on Windows, was stopped after version 9 on Mac, and seems to have no options on Linux:

    Maybe their mobile video service would be more ecumenical…?


  4. I just stumbled on this, Stephen, but haven’t been able to test it yet: http://www.geekandproud.net/archives/2007/03/23/1045/mlbtv-on-linux/

    Looks like the key is using this:

    to pry the content out of the page and into a media player of choice.

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